How to Record With Bandicam – Bandicam Tutorial [Latest Features]

Hey, what’s up guys On this tutorial of Bandicam I’m just going to do a short tutorial set up explained how to record gameplay and how I record my gameplay and it’s the best program that I have tried I’ve tried fraps I’ve tried Nvidia shadowplay newest action dick story pretty much everything and the one that I found that easy is the most convenient is bandicam.

Bandicam Tutorial

Now, you know I’m not sponsored by these they haven’t paid me anything as you can tell for my sub count they ain’t gonna pay me you know so this is literally just an honest review from myself on what I found to be the most helpful so this is bandicam website you can just type in this link I’ll put it in the description and it does cost but there is a trial version the trial version is 10 minutes maximum file and there is a walk mark at the top but I bought my night it’s the only purchase I’ve actually been on yeah I’m going to buy that you know.

But you don’t need to purchase it as I have covered it all here. You can download Bandicam Crack here. After Downloading, you will find the readme file in the zip file. Just read it and register bandicam for free without paying anything.

Bandicam UI and Graphics

So, I’m going to show you bandicam now so this is the UI for bandicam so I’m going to start off and I’m going to go through the tabs and just explain to you what’s what and settings and codecs I use so first off the first button here is DirectX/OpenGL window so you press this when you want to capture a game in full-screen at the best quality you always get the best quality when you capture as the DirectX / OpenGL window next you have the rectangle on the screen so this is so I’ve got this set to full screen but you can change it you can look you can change the size is the 720.

Graphics and UI

If you want to and here’s your window you can set whether windows going to record obviously if I ever use this which is very rare I just say it to full screen then you can just click this little drop-down menu some little options here like the size the opacity and show/hide it to let you can hide it and record the window so then you have your open output folder this is where all of your videos are saved to you have a little capture screenshot button obviously just captures the image of what’s showing on the screen your record button which I never use and pause button so first we’ll start from the general tab.

Recorded Videos Location in Bandicam

So, first, you need to pick it output folder this is where your videos are going to be saving to so you need to pick one that has a good hard drive maybe like blue to a Bluetooth USB 3.0 sorry notice this far store or like you might have a dual raid setup or something like that so this we pick the output folder okay so you have windows always on top let’s see if it wins on top start badnik a mini-monster tray and run brandy coming when they start which is I have to advanced you can pick this is what if you take this creates output subfolder you’ll actually have which I’ll show you this is what I’ve recorded so look we have bandicam that’s what I’ve recorded with the Windows screen battlefield desktop is actually.

for more you can take an example like below.

C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\Bandicam

I’m recording with Nvidia shadowplay right now because I am showing you the options so this actually just create a folder for you Aoife each game start full-screen recording on bandicam start that’s if you want us you know record as soon as you turn it on so you got your FPS 30 FPS overlay so this is it will display your current FPS in work whatever box you will need to shower I have one in the top left and it will show up as green when it’s not recording and then if you stop the if you start the recording it will turn red to show you that you’re recording and then if you pause it will turn gray and here is you also have a hotkey if you want to turn it on and off not be sure you want to do set FPS limit too.

FPs Tweaks in Bandicam – No More Lagging

I set my FPS limits of 59 fps and when capturing and I just felt that if my monitor refresh rate was said 60 and I had sync on so it’s meant to lock off at 60 if it would jump up to say 61 and then back down 60 then to 59 that little jump would give me a little bit of lag I’m not sure why so I just kept mine at 59 and it just needs to be so much more stable okay so let’s get into the video setting so here’s your record hotkey recording stops mines f12 so you hit f12 start recording hit f12 again and it will stop we also have a pause hotkey which is I have some mindset to f10 so if you’re recording and you have your FPS is read you just hit f10 it will turn gray just to tell you that it’s paused then you can go take a piss or get a drink hit f10 again and it will continue showing mouse cursor or I don’t have my mouse cursor shown for this.

Bandicam Tweaks

I hope so ok I just quickly checked any it’s recording my curse that was really lucky but you have your show mouse cursor this is if it’s you’re playing a game like League of Legends now you want people to see where you click in stuff like that yielding enabled showed mouse cursor you can add mouse click effects you have your settings rights the decent here which hit the steel button here this is for your sound so your primary sound device I have mine set to win7 sound so this is any sound that comes from the computer so even something like this that is your sound it could be a game sound it could be your friends on TeamSpeak or Skype this is the setting so you have to pick I pick win7 sound you’ll probably pick the same and your second sound device is your microphone.

So, I’m using a scarlet – one – with my broadcasting headset so yours could be a no-hit drop-down menu you might have SteelSeries Siberia v2 should just pick that, and here this is the two sound mixing so if this is ticked my you have a one video track and one audio track if you’re on the ticket you’ll have two audio tracks one for your game sounds and then one more for your microphone so I like to have it on tape so I have one for my order one for microphone because you know I could record some footage and then I’m thinking now just put them largely as make a mini montage but I don’t my voice in it.

Timeline and Mouse Effects

I can just delete the track but if you have that tick there will be one audio track your microphones in there whether you like it or not you could also if you have it on ticked and you have the two audio tracks one for your audio one for your mic you can then open it in the audio city and do some noise removal normalization stuff like that so I leave mine on ticked and here is ina record secondary device on pushing so if you tick this you have to hold your button down then it will record your voice but um I’m too lazy for that you can insert a logo so you can add a logo to like the top left of your recording and you just pick the image file here effects such as Mouse effects like clicks options just leave these as they are.

So, now we’re going to the format so the best way to pick your format is depending on what you want to how you want to record, and how you want to upload to say you you just want to record from start to finish record it straight to YouTube it has three presets here which you can pick so you could pick YouTube 720p still being an expert codec this you can just change you can change your settings instead of only 720p change it to 1280 bus at 1920 by 1080 and this will don’t record in 1080p in exit you can just leave it straight on YouTube small file size good quality but you can’t open it in an anything software you may be able to mess around with codecs it’s open by.

Common Between Bandicam & Sony Vegas

I don’t recommend that you do if you do want to open up in editing software you definitely want to record in a format that is supported so next these are the codecs it comes with so if you hear here’s one so do Vegas premier and pinnacle so this is if you wanna open your files into an editing program so with tip the SEO change it to a motion JPEG is supported by you know Sony Vegas, not another audio it in then you can just drag your file in and it will just come up with Sony Vegas then you can drop it you can do everyone so that is for Sony Vegas Crack and you can also change your settings.

Always remember because YouTube is right now it’s kept the photo frames they are changing it to 60 soon but for now just recording 30 frames quality between 80-100 doesn’t really matter I put mine on 90 because if you switch to 100 I only see con though it’s a difference the file size is double between 90 and 100 so I just leave mine at 100 and then your audio you just want for taking PCM PCM so you can open in Sony Vegas MPEG will not open in Sony Vegas properly so PCM stay so I actually use extra also have so I’ll just say that you have h.264 codecs as well so these use layer like CUDA which you have a graphics card so this can you know speed up your recording and quality.

Codecs Support

Also, If you do want to use h.264 codec and you want to open in Sony Vegas you have to change this for CC to x264 and your keyframe intervals tool 1 now that I will show you a link in a minute bandicam have loads of support on getting codecs to work and best settings and stuff lights are shown any minute but I use a the lager if useless codec which is a pretty it is a big file size but it is a nice quality I always set my tonight in twenty by ten eighty I don’t I just always worried that it won’t detect the full screen you know so so that’s the format I use always use PCM because if you want to open in Sony Vegas.

Moreover, You have to use PCM so images you have a hotkey for capture image you can just hit the one button just take a picture of whatever shown on the screen and it will just go into your folder you can also have the format of what the pictures taken a nice tablet JPEG right now you have the output so you can see your videos one on one one on showing a short way and then your about which is you’ll have your bandicam serial number your email update check now update they update this awkward the time that always open for fixes.

Video File Size Improvements and maintaining Resolution

Next, bandicam is brilliant for you know not using many resources file size is good you can put your own external codecs in and look if you if you’re gonna support here is a massive support thing so you can go on best codec that there’s a massive thing here and I’ll zoom a bit telling you exactly what they do so tell you the science obviously you have more stars for the less file size it is the quality and the speed of how fast it encodes all right saves your hard drive so I’m using this one which is built into the loosest codec and as you can see the file size is pretty bad I’m a armor around 2 Giga by a minute but it’s best in fast you know.

So, I’m lucky because I have an external hard drive that is pretty big but I was using motion JPEG for quite a long time, and there the quality is pretty good so I definitely recommend that best credit for video editing software motion JPEG is the easiest so about doubt, I would definitely use that if your went into edit if you don’t edit anything if you literally just want to record it put it straight on to YouTube as it is you know like a let’s play you’re not going to cut anything you can just use the X fit and you can just choose the preset which you can choose 360p 480p or 720p but you can also you know say you don’t want 720p you want 1080p as I said before just change it 1920 by 1080 resolution and you’re done.

Windows 7 Compatibility

Next, it’s a really good capture software I have had problems with everything else I’ve used I understand shadow play Nvidia shadowplay is a little you know very very good but you need a very very good graphics card to even hat to be able to use shadowplay and even then it records an N mp4 codec and/or format and the huffing to syke 4 gigabytes maximum file size and then it will create a new file so if I’m recording an hour of the battle for 4 probably have like 4 separate files and that’s a pain you know because I’d rather just have it all into one so I know what it is that’s starting in Windows 7.

Windows 8, 8.1 Compatibility

Now, if you have Windows 8 or 8.1 you can record an unlimited amount on an mp4 format but it doesn’t use many resources my frame barely drops at all literally I maybe three or four frames if lucky you know I don’t really it does depend on your hard drive through your harddrive definitely and depends on how your frames are going to drop and stuff like that so try and try and record onto a hard drive that you’re not using the gain one so if you’re running a game doesn’t record to the same hard drive that the games running on because you know your hard drives try now like get the data from the game to play it but then also get the data to record it

Meanwhile, your hard drives literally just grow an ape and you know so you do need a dedicated hard drive to get not much lag and stuff like that but if it’s a brilliant it is a brilliant programmer I know it costs but it is $39 for one PC single license I think this lifetime as well yes a lifetime guarantee so you know you only have to pay once you’ll have no problems it’s definitely worth the put out you know I purchased it and I never buy anything you know it’s definitely work better worth it.

So you know if you do have any questions if you’re having trouble you know just hit me up in the comments below and I’ll do whatever I can to help you if I don’t know the question if I don’t know the answer I’ll find out for you you know because I love sort of helping people and stuff like that so you know feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.